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Stand….but not Alone!

Hello beautiful people!! So excited to be back…yaaay! I’ve really missed blog posts and the joy it brings. How are you all doing? I hope you are doing excellently well.

I almost feel like this post should be all gushing about how I love all the readers but you will all be rolling your eyes in a few minutes but I hope you get the point.

In the last few weeks, there’s a question I’ve had to ask my  patients (I’m a medical doctor for our new readers) several times and I have now reflected on it myself.

  • What support systems do you have?

As the situation with COVID begins to change in many parts of the world, we are beginning to actually see the impact it had on our mental health. We’ve all coped with the pandemic in different ways and some more affected than others but no one has remained the same.

I’ve found that a good support system has been a game changer, not only now but always.

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I recently had an experience I would like to tell you guys. I was preparing for an exam which I found really stressful and I felt overwhelmed.

A night before the exam I went to bed really tired and found out in the morning that Dr O had woken up and gone to the living room to pray for me (what we  do when we don’t want to wake the other person). Whilst he was there, my dad (who was visiting us at the time) also came to the living room to pray for me and met him there, they both held hands and prayed.

He doesn’t know this but would read it on this post but I cried that morning when they told me, partly because I was anxious but also never felt so loved.

So I will ask you today dear friends, do you recognize your support system and what do they mean to you? They could be your family or your friends but who are the people in your life that support you?

  • Are you supportive of them?

Our lives wouldn’t have any real meaning if we keep taking from people and never giving back.

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This is so important to me and I might sound too passionate…lool. But are you supportive of your support system? The people that are there for you when you need them, the people that pray for you, the people that listen to you? What are you giving them back in return?

Pray for those that pray for you, they might be your spiritual leaders or your parents. They also need the love they’re giving you.

Check on the friends that check on you, be there for the people that are there for you and show kindness to people who are kind to you. Their kindness should never go unrewarded, tell them thank you and let them know how much you appreciate it.

A few days ago, my mum told me she appreciates how I always say thank you to her. You see she grew up in a culture where women were made to serve others without being recognized, more like it was your duty. Initially, I could tell it made her uncomfortable when I said thank you a million times a day but she has had time to reflect on it, accept it and tell how it makes her feel.

  • Protect and value

One of my favourite quotes of all time is ‘let love for others never go unsaid or unseen’.  Moving out of my home country 6 years ago has redefined the value of a support system for me; the very things we took for granted back home.

Your support system might be your church, religious affliations, social groups, friends or family. Don’t act like they don’t matter, invest in those places and people and most of all, make them know you value them and protect those relationships.

  • Do you feel like you’re standing alone

I know there are a few people who might feel alone  or feel they’re supporting everyone else. Some people have lost their friends or family due to their own mistakes but we know God gives second chances.

Look around you, it is never too late. You are not helpless and you can build your own support system regardless of what stage or phase you are in life . More importantly, ask God to send the right people into your life.

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God knew David wouldn’t have survived without Jonathan in the house of Saul so He put the love of David in Jo’s heart.

I’ve prayed for mentors and God has given me mentors. I’ve asked for friends even for my kids and God has answered it. Even you can do the same.

Thank you for taking time to read this, please leave your comments and thoughts, share with your friends and on your social media. We are working on something big really soon and can’t wait to share it.

I leave you with the peace of God!

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Thank you Ma for this post. Recently I have felt as if I have been standing alone and most times when am in such moments I start wishing if my mother was around so that I talk to her just express my feeling. As I was done my brother called me as he was talking me I was just behind the phone crying he noticed it and he calmed me down and he promised all will be well.

Sometimes we all go through such moments but with God on our side and by faith gradually our worries fade away.

Lola Oyeyinka

I am the helped of the Lord. Is one of my favourite bible verse and things I say regularly. I recently had to talk/present on what that meant to me.

Being the helped of the Lord. Is recognising there will be stages and phases I will require help. But learning that God can send anyone/anything to help me. I had slowly become dependent on a set of people as my support system. But God says NO, i I am your helper. And I will use whatever resources I have to do my work. when he said Elijah to go the wilderness and the birds bought him food. Or to go to the widows House. GOD offered both provision and support but not from sources the prophet recognised. I am learning that my help can come from anywhere and anyone. So now I pray that God gives me the grace to receive the help when it comes, despite who brings it. And that frees up your heart to truly receive because you are not placing burden/expectation on a select few.

I understand God will cause Kings to lose sleep till I am favoured.another Bible verse that has taken it new meaning. As a priest and king to God.. I am now part of the people that lose sleep till God asks me to help others. So yes praying to God for a support system is recognising we are to support and be supported. But your village may arise from people you least expect …so open your heart and minds to divine Help. For we are the helped of the Lord .

Amaka Asiodu

This is the exact conversation I had this morning. The Holy Spirit is one indeed


Very well put together!Nice read x

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