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Your Power to Choose

Hi dear readers! I trust you are doing well as we gradually come to yet another year of growth despite our varying experiences.

This week, I considered sharing my recent thoughts via a newsletter to our subscribers but decided on posting here instead for longevity.

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I’ve been thinking about what is very possibly our greatest power – Power to Choose. In this context, to choose who we are or who we become. Many of us have thankfully been exposed to different types of the same person or role and can make a good judgment of right from wrong. I will share some common examples

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My Career

During the course of my 20 year medical career, I’ve been taught by lecturers and worked with well over 500 doctors, trained with even some renowned consultants. In this time, I’ve seen ordinary people do work in extraordinary ways and also those who make the profession completely appalling.

I’ve the power to choose which of these people I want to be and work towards being that.

I’ve seen CEOs of multinationals act like demigods and live miserably (in deceit by their many staff to be loved). I’ve also seen CEOs, who are down to earth and aware of their humanity, genuinely happy. You choose who you want to be

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Most of us have at least one good and one hideous example of a husband and/or a wife. Society sometimes set unrealistic standards and gender roles in homes for what we should or should not be.

We’ve the power to choose what kind of roles we decide to play. For me, I’ve seen examples of women I think were bad wives, mothers, even in-laws without judging them because their circumstances are completely different from mine (after all, to whom much is given, much is expected). I’ve also seen women who are role models to me, some of them in my own family.

The choice is mine to make, regardless of what society expects, I decide the kind of wife and mother I want to be. There has to first be a picture in my mind that I work towards and I find it easier to have this picture when you’ve a role model.

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This is same for a man. I come from a culture where thankfully, things are changing now but in the past, traditionally, women were made to take up a lot of domestic roles. As a man, you can decide to remain like this and ‘live as an outsider in your own home’ or put away all these expectations and enjoy the life God has given you by participating more at home with your wife and family.

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We all know one bad and one good friend or at least one person who takes advantage of other people. Life will always give you a chance or choice to be that person, resist it.

Decide way before that opportunity arises not to be that person; it is entirely in your hands whether you be a good and trusted friend or the opposite.

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This is one area we easily judge people, I guess because not many of us are leaders or have been leaders.

I’m always in awe when I closely watch and observe humble leaders who serve and listen. What do they know that other leaders do not? What does this role mean to them? Why do they choose to be different?

I’m just sharing my thoughts here and this feels like my personal journal…lol. Some of these people are political, church, professional leaders. Everyone decides the pattern they want to choose and follow it, you can too!

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Our Walk With God

Choose you this day whom ye will serve; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

Josh. 24:15

As with everything else, a lot of us are also mediocre in our Christian walk. We are Christians one day a week but too ashamed or too shy at work or in the market place to declare our faith and beliefs.

We’ve too many examples both from the bible and real time to choose from and follow their lead, it is all up to us, and we only need to ask the help of the Holy Spirit who is ever willing

As you know, this list is inexhaustible and applies to all aspects of life. I just wanted to emphasize the power of our choices and how intentional we need to be because whether we know it or not, we are deciding daily who we want to be by our actions.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, please share with your friends and family and kindly leave a comment below. I leave you with the peace of God!

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OLUBUSI1 Beatrice

Thanks for this write up my doc It’s so inspiring and amazing. Actually one with God carries the majority.
One can make personal choice in carrier or marriage in regardless of the society’s expectations. But the end result in most cases is perilous . Whatever we want to do or become in life we need to seek for the face of God first. So many had fallen in life and they couldn’t accomplish their destiny because they didn’t seek for the hands of God in making their choice. It doesn’t matter the level of one’s status, the words of elders cannot be waived off. “Oro agba bi ko ba se lowuro ase lojo ale dandan.’ More wisdom my princess. You are almost there.


We are deciding daily to be or not to be

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