About Lessons From My Daughters

My Story

Hi, I’m Aderonke Oshungbohun, a Christian Medical Doctor living in United Kingdom with my husband and 2 lovely daughters.

About Lessons From My daughters

In my short journey of parenting , I’ve learnt more about myself than my entire life. Nurturing kids has revealed my own strengths and weaknesses thereby fostering my growth.

From my daily conversations with my children, I’ve developed a different and more interesting perspective  of life. My intention is to raise Godly children in a country and culture I didn’t grow up in.

I’m not an expert in parenting but I believe there’s a lot to talk about and this is the purpose of this blog. I’m hoping you can join me in creating a community where we can all learn how to have simple and difficult conversations with children, share our daily experiences and watch ourselves grow.
I believe you will love this community. Cheers!

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