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Presence is the best present…..

Hi guys! How are you all doing today? Gist time now….So a few weeks ago, Princess T complained I wasn’t spending enough time with her. I literally froze . You know why? As long as I’m home and they’re awake, we are always around each other . So whether I’m cooking, cleaning or just lying on the sofa, my rugrats are right beside me.

Being a full time working mum, I am home most evenings but not all and between Dr O and I, there’s always a parent with them. So you can imagine my surprise when she said that. I initially felt betrayed and first instinct was to defend myself and guilt trip her into retracting her statement. But instead, I paused for a minute and asked ”but I’m always with you” to which she replied ‘yes, but you are always reading a book’.

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I was humbled by this realization that I had been with them but not present. So now, I try really hard (sometimes I can’t help it) to put away my phone and other distractions when spending time with them. I have now applied this to my other relationships, mindful that my presence and full attention should be given to whatever I do and whoever I’m with.

This ultimately brings me to the most important relationship which is the one we have with God! How many times are we praying or meditating and we find our minds wandering and far from the One we are communicating with. I always thought this was because God is invincible but if this were so, we wouldn’t be zoning out in the presence of our loved ones also.

I would like you to share how you spend quality time with your family and/or friends avoiding distractions. Also, please share tips on being fully present when you are spending time with God. Looking forward to learning from you!

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Wow! This is really important. My top love language is quality time so I find it easier for me to be present in moments with friends and family. As I read your post , I realized I haven’t always kept the same standard in Christ. Totally not okay. Something to definitely working on and change. Amazing what little children will teach you. Please keep writing.

Itunu Akinware


Mr Femi Akinware is looking at me with side eye….. i can just hear him saying Biko drop your phone…

Its not me…its IG and Whatsapp and all the devil’s other creations….

This is so true….. we must struggle to be present

Thank you for this lovely piece..

Beatrice olubusi

I discovered that l spend most of my time with family and friends on phone rather than meditating on the words of God! It is much better to be in Gods presence at all times.Seek His kingdom first and all other things shall be added. Thanks for inspiring me. This write-up is excellent. Keep it up!l


Being PRESENT is important.i know that but will my phone allow me??I have to commit to myself to put off my phone as I walk in through the front door. Thanks for the reminder

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