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Hello, world! Don’t do what everyone else is doing…

This is officially my first story ….yaay!!! Going forward, we will be referring to my 6year old simply as Princess T and my 3year old as Baby T (:

On the morning of 12th December 2018 , Princess T was getting dressed for her role as an angel in the school play, she chose to wear sneakers rather her formal school shoes.

Me: Princess T, I think you should wear formal shoes as that’s what most people will be wearing

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Her: But mum, you said I shouldn’t do what everyone else is doing. I literally froze!

This got me thinking. Am I a hypocrite? How many times have I done something because everyone else is doing it or its what society expects?

It is always good to examine and address our motives for whatever we do with our lives, family, friends etc. Why do we do what we do? Many adults have not learnt this simple and important lesson. We need to be clear about our drive and purpose, there are always a few exceptions where we do what is the next right thing but our lives should not be dominated by these.

I’m interested in knowing your thoughts about these. Have you had any challenges with doing what is right for you and not conforming to the expectations of others? How did you go about it and what did you learn? Please feel free to share any lessons you might have taught your child/children around this.

Looking forward to hearing from you and building this into a healthy community for us all!

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Aderonke Oshungbohun

Hey! Well done


Good job on the blog sis. I love the artwork. Family values is a big one for me …. building our Expectations from both parents and the children’s perspectives.

Aderonke Oshungbohun

Thank you!


These inconsistencies between what parents say and what they do are more obvious to kids than we realize. They see right through it and learn more about us and the strength of our words in the process. I think your admittance in that situation was also a good lesson for her.


They say children learn by just watching us, they will do what we do, not what we say. Although sometimes , we are not even aware we are contradicting ourselves .


Wow!!!! Nice work with the blog sis. I’m guilty of these too. At times, I tell my kids to do something and immediately contradict myself. The beautiful thing of motherhood is that, our kids help us to reflect and in turn we become better mums.


Thank you Ma! Your last statement is the whole purpose of this blog, learning by reflection. Thank you Ma!

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