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The Concept of Forgiveness

Hello kids and dear grown-ups, how are you doing today? Really glad to be writing to you again today and thank you always for reading. Today, I would like to tell you a short story.

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There was a young boy named Pat who lived with his family in a beautiful two-storey house. Just by his bedroom window, there was a beautiful yellow flower pot which had lots of beautiful flowers growing in it. Every day on his way to school , Pat would look up at his flowers and smile ; he often ran home after school just to water them.

His family knew how precious his flowers were especially as they were given to him by his grandparents and he hoped one day to give it to his own children .

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One day, his neighbour Chloe who is famous for being very naughty and disobedient came to visit. She was always jealous of how kindly Pat treated his flowers and she had it in mind to put an end to it. Pat’s parents noticed how Chloe handled the flowers and warned her several times to be more gentle but she didn’t listen.

Whilst the family were in the kitchen getting ready for dinner, they all heard a loud bang!!!! No one knew Chloe had snuck upstairs, and down came crashing the most beautiful and precious flower pot. Pat sobbed and sobbed.

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When it was time for Chloe to be collected by her parents , her father felt so sad and touched by the pain, he went quickly to the flower shop and found the exact replica of Pat’s flower pot – just like the one his grandparents gave him, only that this one was bigger and even more beautiful. Pat and his family were overjoyed; no one knew it was possible to find just the same type of flower pot.

Now the time came to decide what to do about Chloe, everyone agreed she should be forgiven as the broken pot had been replaced, and never to be remembered again.

You and I are just like Chloe! We have been naughty and made God sad even when we didn’t mean to. But guess what God did? He gave not only a flower pot as a replacement, He gave us Jesus his most precious son as a gift .

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life

John 3 v 16

We can never work hard or good enough to be forgiven; it was given to us as a gift. There might be times in your life where you do something wrong before God (we call it sin) , He has already paid the price for your sin , all you need to do is tell God that you’re sorry and He forgives you .

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If you ever feel guilty for something you’ve done after you apologise to God, it’s not Him making you feel like that, it’s the devil . You need to boldly say back to him that God has forgiven you so you no longer need to feel guilty or sad.

The devil does not like people who speak back to him boldly so he would run away from you . He likes to use guilt of the past as a false accusation over God’s children . I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this short story. Please share it with your friends and kindly leave a comment .

I leave you with the peace of God!

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Thanks for reminding us of God’s love to is, while we were yet sinners Christ died and took away our sins! Romans 5v8


This is such a lovely and heartwarming analogy. We need to remember that forgiveness in God is complete

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