Mum, what shall I do?? A thread on small answered prayers!

Hello beautiful people! I hope you are doing very well today. It’s a good time for me to say thank you dear readers. I’m grateful for you and your consistency.

This week, I’ve been thinking about what I call ‘small prayers’. I’m working on being more present in situations and not leaving prayers unsaid.

A  couple of weeks ago, I came home exhausted from my new role at work, the stress of learning the ropes and I honestly just wanted to have a shower and crawl into bed. My 6year old daughter had different plans though.

Princess T: Mum, can I talk to you for a few minutes alone?

Me: *reluctantly pulls seat* Yes dear, what about?

It turns out she had a fall out with a close friend at school, she had tried to make peace but this person wasn’t willing to talk to her. We talked about it, she cried, I told her my own experience with friendships etc and I had no other option but to pray at the end of it.

Now, this conversation lasted over an hour (remember I said I was tired) and the only way to end it was to make her take it to God in prayer. That was my getaway-from-the-situation card. Her prayer was very specific and simple.

A few days later, she excitedly told me God answered her prayers and her friend came to talk to her, actually, talked to her the exact way she asked God. It didn’t have to be my last resort, it should have been my first option.

Recently, I’ve been trying to be more conscious of God being available and hearing me always and how this impacts little situations.

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 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Mathew 19 v 14

Every time I read this scripture, my understanding is always that Jesus wants us to come to Him with a heart like that of kids. You know what my kids do? They talk to me about everything, important or not and they’re never afraid of doing it. It’s just very natural.

God wants us to come to Him daily as friends and children and not as slaves with needs.

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So this week, I will like us to make a thread of answered prayers. Can you share the little prayers you’ve made recently and how the answer came? It might be a parking spot at the last minute, anything really.

I’ll go first! After church on fathers’ day, Dr. O insinuated he wanted us to go out for lunch. Everyone knows tables for special occasions are booked way in advance, we said there’d be no way we would find a good restaurant not fully booked.

But I said a quick prayer and headed out of town to our favourite restaurant (was like a 1 in 100 chance really), surprisingly they could accommodate us. That was one of my many ‘small answered’ prayers.

This is your reminder today to talk to God daily, in no formal setting about everything, because He hears you loud and clear.

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I will love to read your own answered prayers, honestly, it will encourage me and many others.

Please follow us on Instagram and share this post with your friends. I leave you with the peace of God!

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The unsaid prayers. Does this mean that if we don’t say it, it’s not accessible to God?
There have been many instances I have prayed for simple things like someone to pay for my lunch because I couldn’t afford it. Everyday of that week, I go a paid lunch. God is involved and invested in the small things too. Thanks for this


My mind has been dominated with 2 major prayers for the last few months, so not sure if I had done small prayers. It’s a good thing to reflect on.

Pam S

Such a beautiful outcome with Princess T. I love how you used it as your get out clause, but God had other plans to teach both you and her that we talk to him first. Beautiful lesson learnt. Thank you.

Amina Ibrahim

I am big on prayers- and this post gave me a moment to backtrack on the countless prayers He has answered just this past week.
Here’s one that excited me the most, and that’s not to say I am ungrateful for all others;
I had been hoping to buy a kitchen appliance for a while, and wasn’t ready to buy it at full price. A few days to finally purchasing it, I was so close to giving in and just buying it anyway, especially because it is mostly out of stock. I was speaking to a friend and voiced my reluctance and she advised I waited a few more days as there might be a sale on the item.
I took faith and indeed waited and got it for a whooping half price! I’m still excited as I type. Lol

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