consequence... sad child

There will be consequences…

Princess T : Stop T, stop trying to climb out of your cot

Baby T :  wmdlrkigsdldksjyr  *gibberish*

Princess T: I say stop, there are consequences. If mum and dad see you trying to climb out, there will be consequences. Remember when I didn’t attend that party with you guys, those are consequences.

That was a conversation I overheard over the nanny cam. Sometime ago, we were getting ready to attend a party and Princess T hadn’t completed her homework. The deal was she wouldn’t attend if she didn’t complete her work , the only problem was she didn’t believe we could do this.

Time to go out and she starts to plead, asking for forgiveness and making promises. We told her she is forgiven but there has to be consequences…long story short, she stayed home with her auntie and the conversation above happened several months after.

I was glad she didn’t forget that lesson and the word ‘consequences’ has now become very popular in our home. Not every wrong action has a wrong outcome, I believe we have to leave room for imperfection but every right action always has a positive result for encouragement.

consequences 1

Not long ago, I was sat at the park alone and thinking about actions and consequences as it relates to adults. We sometimes act as though there would be no outcome from our every choice and decisions.

For instance, a lot of people don’t look after their health at a younger age by having regular check-ups, exercising, eating well , yet they grow up and act surprised when they’ve certain illnesses (not to say those illnesses don’t happen to some people anyway but let’s check the stats).

Do you think your daily actions will be different if you had the end in mind at all times? If you thought about your retirement and the comfort you’d want, would you be saving more now? If you thought about the kind of adults you want your children to be, would you be investing more in their lives now both physically and spiritually? How about our relationships? How about investing more in our spouses and friends so we can have that picture we dream about?

While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions. — Stephen R. Covey

Recently, a kind lady sent me a message admiring my relationship with some friends (I get these type of messages a lot), I thanked her and told her it’s a result of years of hard work and investment. No good thing just falls on your laps, you’ve got to work for it. We’ve carried ourselves through difficult times and also celebrated good times. Any good thing not nurtured will die (I will be talking about my living room plants soon…a lesson there).

Dear friends, would you spend more time praying today if you knew there would be an answer? If we really knew how God felt about our fellowship, would we be rushing out of the house every morning and praying on the stairs like I sometimes do?
Let us look closely at all our actions and inactions now, the future is not so difficult to predict if we do. 

Please share your thoughts on this discussion or anything else that comes to your mind. Also, have you been teaching your kids about consequences, how have you done this? A friend recently told me she has been making her kids save for toys …I think we need to talk about that soon. 

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There are always consequences. Great lessons here

Sola Olowookere

Very good read. Leaving room for imperfection ! That’s my own take home message !!!

Well done Ronke.


True words maam. Many thanks for the lessons from your daughters


Now reflecting on my daily actions( and inactions) !its quite important to have the end in mind. Thank you for this message.


Thanks for sharing this important lesson.


Actions indeed have consequences, whether adults or children. It is always nice to let the kids understand from a young age. Nice one with princess T.
Keep it up mami.


Every action and inaction has consequences! True words! Thanks for sharing 👍🏼


I intend to now abuse the word CONSEQUENCES, good read, raising wonderful girls 👏 👏 👏 👏

Bola Adesanya

Such a great lesson for kids and adults alike. When we understand that there are consequences for our actions and inactions, then and there we will stop living our lives with our great sense of entitlement. Good job princess T, keep passing that lesson along to your baby sister. Love it!

Olatayo Ariba

Well written.
Looking forward to the next episode.


Lovely read. Keep the content coming


The best lessons are experiences. Your following through on your promise made that an experience a lesson to remember.
Well done for following through and resisting the heart melting

Omotola Awotunde

Great lessons Ronke, I thought you should dairise your thoughts a while ago after reading from your posts…great gift not all who blog connect and communicate well, I believe you do and will get better at it with time
I love the lessons here especially the one that relates to our health….garbage in garbage out
Can’t wait to read the next post


Consequences aren’t bad afterall, if they remind us of what we need to do right and help us conform as well as allign with set rules. Most importantly there has to be rules put in place..
I truly like the fact that the word is engraved in the heart of Princess T and she can always apply it and let others know as well. Awesome read…good job

Olabisi Yeye-Agba

Well-done Ronke! A good read…


Thoughtful, so much for we parents to learn from the kids! Thanks


Lovely write up. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more beautiful lessons from them.


I once dealt with an adult who didn’t think/wasn’t conscious of consequences. This is where it all starts. If parents don’t make kids understand this early (of course with room for imperfections sometimes) they go on to groom adults who become entitled, who never believe they should be held accountable and who never really know how/why they should be sorry. It’s these little teachings that create a well rounded adult who becomes self aware, aware of other people and their own expectations, and can safely balance both. Thanks Ronke.

Serena VW

This is so true.
If Nigerian adults of this generation and the one before us were raised to consider consequences maybe we would be better human beings.
Consequences only occurs in a space where accountability is assured (like you did with princess T).

Itunu Akinware

All i can think about is all that indomie ive been eating
*covers face*

Oh sigh ….lemee come and be going

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