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The Noblest deed…

It was nice and sunny on Sunday (did you notice the rhyme there??….I’m now ready to be a billionaire rapper) so we took the kids to the park. Quite frankly, I wanted to just lie in bed and read a boring book to sleep but we never waste good weather (innit?)

Whilst the girls were playing  separately, Princess T went on a rope bridge. I was quite impressed watching her because I know how she feels about it so we had this conversation:

Me : Princess T, I really like how you are doing that even though I know you are afraid

Her: That’s called being brave, Mum

Did someone say Ouch? Well, you get the point. What I however found more interesting was after Princess T left the rope bridge, she saw her little sister trying to get on it and could sense her difficulty, she walked over there and offered to give her a hand across the bridge.

I thought this was very noble and I’ve pondered on it. How do we show compassion? How do we help people going through what we have been through?

 A lot of times people want to help and say they don’t know how, my question is usually  “how have you been helped?”. The same way you’ve received help is how you should give it.

He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others 2 Corinthians 1 v 4.

The scripture above honestly sums it up.

When we look back at the challenges we’ve been through, whether we received the assistance of man or God (most often both), it should motivate us to look out for others in similar situations and offer them help.


About a year ago, Princess T’s future ambition was to be a ballet dancer so we got her registered for weekly ballet classes. A few months after she had gotten a hang of it, I asked if she still wanted to be a ballet dancer, to which she replied “No, mum, I want to be a ballet teacher now.”

Oh, to be a child again! The innocence and thoughtfulness. I don’t joke when I say I’ve become a better person by observing my kids. 

As grown ups, how many times do we learn something and become benevolent enough to teach someone else without being asked.

So I will like to challenge you today my friends, how have you been helped?

  • When you were down and discouraged, someone encouraged you so encourage others
  • When you were poor , someone gave you money so give someone money
  • Have you been blessed with a good friend, then be a good friend to someone else
  • Has someone prayed for you? Then pray for someone else

Sometime ago I was having a difficult time and a very kind woman was praying with  me, I found out afterwards that she wasn’t only praying for me, she had a prayer partner in another country/time zone who has never met me joining her for prayer times ( Oh how noble!)

  • If you’ve struggled with your health, look out for someone struggling with theirs. It can even be in the form of supporting a charity or sending gifts to those in hospitals
  • Have you been mentored by someone? You can be a mentor
  • Are you divorced or separated? What help did you have or wish you had, you can give it to someone
  • Has someone taught you a skill or helped you with your business?

The most valuable and precious gift we have been given is the grace of God through the gospel. This is the most important help we should not keep to ourselves.

Has someone preached the gospel to you? Then you MUST tell someone else about the gospel in any way you can, you never know what that person will become.

I remember recently I was sharing some random thoughts with Dr O which I will like to share with you guys. It is about not trivialising your impact because you just never know. I was thinking about a famous preacher who has won millions of souls for Christ and I wonder how the person who preached the gospel to him must feel.

That person might have thought they were doing a little or even nothing at all (might even have been sad they didn’t win 100 souls in their lifetime), but that ‘one soul’ has gone on to bring forth many more.

Every challenge you’ve had, every problem you’ve faced, every difficulty is an opportunity for you to lend a helping hand to another person.

Do not let the circle of kindness end with you. There is a lot of evil in the world but I also believe there is enough kindness to go round if we don’t hoard it.

Many  people are going through a difficult time due to the pandemic, there has never been a better time to offer kindness, support and encouragement.

I hope that this reminds you today to look around you and offer help without being asked. Until next week, keep looking after yourselves and doing the little that counts.

I leave you with the peace of God!

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Adejoke Olaitan

Truly commendable, the spirit of I, me and myself needs to be dealt with in our lives. Lighting another person’s candle does not diminish yours…… spread the love,joy,comfort and everything the good Lord has blessed you with and see the impact on your world. Thank you for my Mama Ronkus ❤ 💕 😘 💗

Aderonke Oshungbohun

I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you

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Korede Ogundipe

I love this idea from Princess T why have a little and not have it all…..if only the ballet teacher knew someone was gunning for her job lol.

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