Lessons from my friend’s son – David!

Hi guys, how was your Easter break if you had a break that is? Three words will describe mine – exhausted but grateful!

A few weeks ago, I woke up to a message from a close friend about something admirable her 5year old son, David had done. This young gentleman woke up before the entire family, had a shower, got dressed and was sitting at the dining table when his mum woke up.

You see, the previous day he had porridge (which he doesn’t like) for breakfast because they were running late and today, he decided he’d be ready in time to have whatever he likes.

Honestly, I wish I could be that motivated to do something about all the aspects of my life I desire a change or improvement. Don’t you also wish? Well, let’s talk about it then.

If it bothers you so much, do something about it

There are very few issues we cannot change or do something about, those are mostly related to other people. You can’t force your spouse to love you more, you can’t force your teenager to be more responsible, you can’t force your neighbour’s kids to keep their voices down and you can’t force COVID 19 to go away.

But there are aspects of our lives we can do something about.

  • Why does your weight bother you and you’re not doing anything about it?
  • Why are you displeased with your spending habits and you’re not doing anything about it?
  • You are not happy about your grades but yet, you’re not spending more time studying or asking for help.
  • You’re not getting enough sleep, yet you go to bed late every night?
  • You desire to know God better and improve your relationship. Then why are you not doing anything about it?
  • The cycle of abusive relationships you keep getting in bothers you, then why don’t do you something about it?

I can go on and on and I know many of us will find where we fit in somewhere. Whether its your health, your relationships, your work/career, your ministry, something bothers us and we need to decide to do something about it.

The Scale will shift

To all the ‘Whys’ I asked above, I’ve an answer for most of us. It’s not that we don’t know what to do or even want to do it, we start and give up because we don’t see the results soon enough.

Sometimes, we start a book that we think would help us but we don’t finish it because its boring or getting too long. Is there a timescale to finishing a book? Does it matter if it takes one year or one month to complete?

What matters is that we eventually finish it. Many of us are like this even with the most important parts of our lives. When we don’t see the results soon enough, we get frustrated and give up.

I don’t want to sound too harsh (I’m also speaking to myself) but Dr. O says something in my native dialect that translates in English to “It is your hands that fixes things

Today, after so many months of going up and down the scale, I got on it and got a number I haven’t gotten in 3 years, I think. My close friends will tell you how eccentric I am with my weight; I’ve drawn a line I mustn’t go beyond and when I see myself getting close, I go on a diet (really painful ones at times). Painful because I like food….hahaha!

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If you carry on doing the things you’re doing now, one day at a time, little bits consistently, your scale will shift. It doesn’t matter in what aspect, consistency and diligence is painful but it never fails to produce results.

Carry on reading your Bible and praying daily, it might take a while but your relationship with God will deepen.

Carry on exercising daily, you don’t have to run a marathon, it will help you stay healthy and fit.

Continue to read and improve your knowledge, you will become better at your job and/or school.

Carry on your diet, even if you don’t lose as much weight as you desire, you won’t gain more weight.

Consistency is the game changer

I read this really good book called Atomic Habits by James Clear recently and in my usual fashion after reading a book, I ask myself “What will this book change in me?” I tend to focus on one thing, and that one thing in this book is ‘don’t miss your routine of change two days in a row

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There are days it is impossible to exercise or do whatever you’re doing for change but don’t let it go two days in a row, that is how you lose a habit.

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.

Anthony Robbins

Consistency is hard but life also is hard sometimes. If we don’t do something, nothing changes.

At the beginning of the year, I read this really amazing blog post by my friend and I decided that, in everything I’m doing this year including blogging, I will be consistent with it.

Ask For Grace

One of my favourite traits in people is discipline. I genuinely admire disciplined people but I recognise I’m not really wired that way, I fall off the wagon quite easily.

I’ve now come to accept it is not my strength but a lack of discipline won’t keep me down, it just means I need to work harder at being consistent than a disciplined person would.

A few days ago, I saw a list of certain changes I tried to make in 2018 and I remember how unhappy I was then when I couldn’t keep up, they were mostly changes relating to my spirituality.

I looked at them with tears in my eyes because I’m doing all of them now and doing them easily, infact.

You know what changed? I asked for Grace.

The Spirit alone gives eternal life. Human effort accomplishes nothing

John 6 v 63
Wavy Lst 13 Single 08
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If there is any aspect you are struggling with, ask God to help you. I’m asking God daily for help and He keeps showing up. Asking God for grace doesn’t mean you become lackadaisical about your own input, but your consistency mixed with Grace will give you an explosive result.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness

2 Corinthians 12 v 9

I hope that just like me after reading a book, you also find your own ‘one thing’ that you would change after reading this post. Let us all remember we are all a work in progress and that is why we must WORK indeed.

Special shoutout to David who gave us consent to share his story but not without mentioning his amazing older sister Sophie. You will both do great things for God .

Have a lovely weekend guys and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and leave a comment. We would all love to hear your thoughts, your experiences and what this blog means to you.

I leave you with the peace of God!

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Segun Salawu

Asking for God’s grace and also being consistent no matter how little is key. I am going to improve on my consistency by God’s grace. I tend to give up easily when it seems I’m not seeing desired result. Like David I need to make efforts and get ready early enough to eat what I like .Hmnnnn. God bless you Dr Ronke for this.


Discipline is much easier said that done, but I know how much I have taken from the quote that’s says don’t miss 2 days in a row.

Be consistent and be the change you want to be. Hope to comment on the next post in a month or 2 about my successes

Bola Adesanya

Consistency is so hard but achievable. May God help us to do all he has called us to do in Jesus name. My take away here is to ask myself after every imbibed knowledge, what are my going to change in me to be better. Thank you for all the beautiful lessons and for linking to my blog post 🙏🙏

Korede Ogundipe

Wonderful lessons ….Start somewhere even if it takes a month or a year,consistently carry on and asking for grace.


This was a great read and a much needed reminder. May the Lord give us the grace to consistently push through rather than sitting back and complaining.

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