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God Has A Sense of Humour…!

Hi guys, how has your week been? I hope not as stressful as mine. Whatever it is, take it easy, take time off if needed and continue to trust the process.  Last night, Princess T asked me if there would ever be a day there would be no grown up at home with them. I said this would never happen as its our responsibility to make sure they are watched.

She stared at me loading the dishwasher for a few minutes and said “Being an adult with no kids must be easy”, to which I replied “Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you”. I found this so funny and posted it online, well, a few adults that do not have kids have come back to tell me it’s not that easy.  I agree, ‘Adulting’ generally is a struggle.

Back to this week’s discussion, who else agrees God has a sense of humour? I’ve heard some wonderful testimonies from friends this week and the way God works is just so spectacular you can’t miss his hands.

When I was going to start blogging, one of my main concerns was how our generation is more visual and people don’t read (thanks guys for proving me wrong). I wanted to talk to someone about the blog and whilst I was praying, a certain friend came to mind so I called her. After our conversation, she asked if I would consider a podcast instead , I vehemently refused to even consider the thought of it.

You want to know why? I don’t like the sound of my voice. I’ve heard a lot of people don’t like the sound of their recorded voices but mine is a little over the top. I can barely spend a minute listening to myself…hahaha…no thanks to my brothers for years of taunting me.

A few weeks after this whilst working on building the website, I got an invitation from an old friend who owns a podcast channel to be a guest . I laughed so hard, I was like “God, your sense of humour is 100%”. Well, I will love to share the podcast with you guys.

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God pays attention to details and everything that happens daily has a purpose (hard to accept sometimes).

The discussion on this podcast episode was with another guest, we discussed the challenges we have had with parenting abroad in a different culture and the difficulties and joy of relocating. You might want to listen in parts if you can’ t do it all at once, share with your friends especially if you have friends planning to relocate with their children abroad.

I leave you with the peace of God! Look after yourself and have a nice weekend!

I’ve listened to it again myself, I think it is very insightful, and you too can listen here. There is also something to learn for people who do not have kids.

P.S – I’ve got feedback my voice isn’t that bad after all. Oprah, watch out for this competition…hahaha

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